Friday, November 5, 2010

Probate and estate planning law and virtual or digital assets

Here is a topic I will spend a few posts on. Technology is moving at a blistering pace. Unfortunately, the law rarely moves fast enough to keep up. According to a Pew Research Center August 2010 report, 66% of all adults in America have a high speed broadband internet account. The world of modern technology and widespread access to the on-line world has created new challenges to estate planners, probate attorneys, and their clients as new forms of assets and doing business are created and evolve. Most of these new challenges created by the online world have not yet been addressed directly by the law. At the dawn of the internet, there were certainly technology issues, but they were relatively minor in comparison to today's issues. The widespread adoption of the internet and other modern technology has brought new issues to the fore. Just as people must plan for their mortal death, they must also plan for their digital death. Careful estate planning and probate practitioners should be proactive to minimize the confusion and complexities caused by the advance of modern technology. Tomorrow's executors, administrators, heirs, and legatees will benefit from a focus on technology today.

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